Rough-In and Finish Plumbing

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There are two phases of plumbing that go into a home build or remodel

When a home is being built, an inspector comes in to make sure that the work is done correctly while the home still absent from floor and wall coverings. Rough-in plumbing is the work done before the inspector comes in and finish plumbing is the work done after.

Rough-In Plumbing is the point that all water supply and drain pipes have been run through bored holes in the studs and other framing members. All pipe connections have been made, but there are no fixtures or end elements installed. The lack of coverings means that inspectors can easily see any errors in the building process.

Finish Plumbing is done once all the wall and floor coverings, like tile or wood, have been completely installed. Once that is process is complete, we come in to finish installing the plumbing fixtures, like sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Some plumbing companies only offer one service or the other, but at Pipe It Right, we can help with both stages of home remodeling and building.
Having the same company perform both services means your work is done more smoothly and efficiently.

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