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How to Remove Stubborn Rust Stains from the Toilet

Overview: Removing rust stains from toilets is hard but not impossible – and this is how it can be done 

Just how do orange rust stains form on porcelain toilets – after all, doesn’t rust build on metal? You might find it helpful to learn that the problem isn’t the toilet bowl (or your negligence… yay). The issues is with the water. Rust appears when iron and metal mix with water. So those orange stains are a result of your water quality. And they’re not only unsightly, but also very stubborn. They’re difficult to remove with just the regular cleaning, so we’re going to give some tips on how to get them gone.

 Vinegar and Lemon Juice:

Who knew that kitchen products serve more than just cooking purposes? Pour two cups of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight. If the stains are above the waterline, submerge them with vinegar. The following day, flush it out and make a paste of baking soda with a generous amount of lemon juice – apply the paste above the water line and scrub it off after an hour


America’s favorite soft drink doesn’t just spark up the taste of a burger – it will also eat away the rust on your toilet. Following the same pattern as lemon and vinegar, pour an entire bottle of coca-cola into the toilet and let it sit overnight. You can use this as an opportunity to take a good nap because you’ll turn the water supply off then back on once you wake up.

The rust should be gone. If not totally, it would be broken up enough to scrub away with a toilet scrubber.  

Tartar Cream:

No, we’re not baking. And unless you’re a baker, you may not have tartar cream in your kitchen, but it’s one of the best rust removers you’ll find.

Since cream of Tartar contains Potassium Bitartrate, it acts as a leavening agent in baking goods. Make a thick paste with a few drops of water and place it in the towel bowl. Sprinkle it on the rust-stained toilet area, let it sit for a few hours by covering the area with a plastic wrap, then scrub it off.

In Summary:

We understand how frustrating it is when the stains don’t go and they’ve made a home in your bathroom. But there are a few ways to get rid of rust stains on toilets, and the three tips we mentioned are excellent solutions to remove those stubborn rust stains from your toilet, but those aren’t permanent solutions.

To keep yourself on the safe side, consider installing a water softener so your toilet bowl and other water appliances don’t go orange again. A water softener is designed to change the quality of your water so there aren’t so many minerals in it.

In the even that you’re too busy to clean the rust, Pipe it Right is just one call away. We’ll guide you through the the cleaning journey, making sure your toilets and other water appliances are clean as new!

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