Recirculating Pump Install Service

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No one likes the cold water that comes rushing out when they’re waiting to enjoy their warm shower. A solution to that chilly water that goes to waste while you wait for the warmer water to come is a hot water recirculation pump. The recirculation pump is a convenient way to make sure you have hot water immediately from the tap.

It does this by slowly pumping hot water through hot water pipes and back to the water heater through either a dedicated line or through the cold water line.

Not only is the system designed to bring hot water to each and everyone one of your home’s hot water taps instantly, but it also saves thousands of gallons of fresh water every year. While the homeowner waits for warm water, the cold water plummets into the drain, never to be used again. What a waste!

At Pipe It Right Repipe Inc, we can install recirculating pumps to save water in your home and increase comfort for you and your loved ones.

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