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Shower Valves

If you want to update the look of your bathroom without spending a lot of money, replacing shower valves is an excellent solution. After time passes, shower valves can dull from calcium deposits. The glue holding the valves might deteriorate, causing it to hang limply on the pipe. If this occurs, open spaces leave room for bugs to enter your home. Removing old valves and installing new ones is a quick process, but it could improve the appearance of your bathroom considerable.


You can quickly and easily update the appearance of your bathroom and kitchen by simply replacing the faucet. Over time, calcium and grime accumulate on and around faucets, despite your most grueling efforts to clean them. Changing the faucet has the potential to entirely alter the appearance of a room, as its the primary focus outside of the bathroom.

Hose Bibs

Looking to control the amount of water going to and from a certain area in your home? Hose bibbs are a simple piece that we can attach to a pipe that gives the homeowner complete control of water flow. Economically priced, this piece is perfect for water control at the tips of your fingers. At Pipe It Right, we can install hose bibs at any exterior location of your home where you want to control water access, like for a garden hose.

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