Gifts for Mothers

Plumbing Gifts for Mothers (that She’ll Actually Use)

Overview: From a plumber, a gift for Mom that she’ll actually use isn’t always about flowers and chocolates! 

Mother’s day is all about pampering and showering love to appreciate Mom – giving back what she has done for us all these years. Making her favorite breakfast to bed, spending quality time with her, and giving her a chance to kick back the pending tasks and relax for a day are all nice, but let’s not stop there.

Mom deserves a gift from you, or maybe several, and maybe not so expected.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we hope that you have planned a gift for her. Sure, there are plenty of cool gift ideas for Mom, but Pipe it Right suggests you break the norms and traditions.

Here are a couple of gift ideas that are not only affordable, but also unique and good to use even after Mother’s Day!

 Install a New Shower Head: 

Mothers especially deserve comfort as they offer to us, and there’s nothing better than a spa day – women agree to that! There are so many shower heads with spa-like features to add luxury to her shower routine after a hectic day. Not only will this upgrade her bathroom, but she’ll also be happy – we guarantee that.

 Upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater:

Enough of the traditional, old, and rusty water heaters – we want something new! How long are we supposed to wait for the water to heat up for a hot shower! This is where the tankless water heater steps in.

A tankless water heater heats the water in no time and as you need. Does it mean that you’ll never run out of hot water? Yes! Install a new tankless water heater for a good shower time.  

 New Garbage Disposal:

Don’t tell us this gift isn’t motherly — it is! And you yourself understand that garbage disposals are life savers!

Many homes don’t have garbage disposals, and sometimes, on a holiday or a weekend dinner, we face overflow/backup issues by mistakenly putting large particles down the drain. But with a heavy-duty garbage disposal, Mom won’t have to worry about scraps going down the disposals; they’ll be crushed into tiny bits – then washed away.

This gift will save Mom a lot of time and spare her the nasty job of cleaning out the food mess (more time to enjoy her spa).

If you already have a garbage disposal, let’s upgrade! They don’t last for more than 10 years which affects their effectiveness. New and powerful models offer sound insulation, and cleaning up isn’t a racket but a relief.


Pipe it Right has been happily serving its customers over the years. The courteous staff and professional technicians are one call away to help solve a job – big or small – for a money-back guarantee! Call now for plumbing services, and let’s help you make your Mother’s day special.

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