How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower

Overview: A malfunctioning shower will deprive you of a refreshing bathing experience. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade your shower? It’s easy when you know what to look for. Read on for some helpful advice that will allow you to figure out when it’s time to upgrade your shower.

At the end of an exhausting day, there’s nothing better than unwinding with a long, relaxing bath. And first thing in the morning, there’s absolutely no better way to awaken your sleepy mind and body than with a refreshing shower before you head out to seize the day.

The shower plays quite a critical role in our daily life. A good shower can greatly enhance our comfort levels and quality of life. Modern showers can be quite luxurious, with design features that make it feel like you have a spa right there in your own bathroom.

Yes, the shower can be one of the best fixtures of a house… when it’s in good, working condition. But when the shower stops doing its job effectively, it may be time for an upgrade.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shower:

The perfect water pressure, the right temperature, the soothing sounds of running water… A nice shower can really make your day better. Oh, and it gets you clean, too! But at a certain point, you may start to notice clear signs that it’s time for a bathroom overhaul.

You’ll want to consider updating your shower when…

You have leaky or broken fixtures. If your shower faucet or shower head starts leaking or isn’t providing adequate water pressure, the time has come! Consider replacing the shower head with a new, efficient model. If you’re feeling exceptionally handy, you can even install or yourself — or if you prefer, you can call on the experts.

You have mold. If you see ugly black dots in your shower, or you notice fixtures turning green, take a deep breath because you have mold in your shower. It’s unsightly and potentially hazardous to your health, so you’ll need to act quickly. A thorough cleaning of the shower faucet will help you eliminate harmful microorganisms for a while. Still, molds are likely to reappear as soon as favorable conditions for their growth return. The safest bet is to give your shower a complete overhaul so you can start with a sparkling clean slate.

You require re-piping. If your water pressure drops unexpectedly, it might be time to start replacing parts. If water has started trickling out of your faucet or shower head even when the shower is turned off, it might be time to start replacing parts. If your water is coming out unclean or smells bad, it might be time to start — well, you get it. A professional plumber can inspect your system, check for worn-out or corroded parts, and determine if any of your fixtures and pipes need to be swapped out for new ones.

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You have rust: Bathrooms are generally more humid than the rest of your home. That environment is tough on fixtures, including those found in the shower. Metal fixtures are more prone to rusting and acquiring mold, which thrives in moist environments.

Mold, rust, and other blackish dots may build up and leave your shower fixtures in bad shape. Not to mention the fact that it’s aesthetically unattractive! Once you begin noticing this mess, be aware that it may be time to improve your bathroom experience.

Rust can also cause your fixtures to function improperly. If you try to tighten the connectors on your plumbing fittings after they’ve gotten rusty, they can become stripped, and then you’re really in trouble. A shower with rusty parts and stripped connections won’t be viable for use for very long. Duct tape may temporarily prevent a joint leak, but it’s not a permanent solution. Eventually you will need to start replacing parts.

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In Summary:

When you realize it’s time to upgrade your shower, you can choose a number of ways to maintain your best possible bathing experience. Depending on the issues you’re having, you may find that there’s a quick fix, or you may decide to redo your entire shower.

Whatever you do, the goal should be the same: To keep your system in the best possible condition so you can continue to enjoy those refreshing morning showers.

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