When to Give the Expert a Call

When to Give the Expert a Call

When to Give the Expert a Call

Are you the type to jump at any opportunity for a house project? Perhaps, to you, there is no greater satisfaction than that which you gain from a job well done. Although there are several do-it-yourself-appropriate projects if you are a handy Person, we’d like to warn the self-proclaimed DIYers of those you should leave to the professionals.

If your house presents a Small Plumbing Problem and you know your way around a home’s plumbing, you may have the opportunity to tackle the fix yourself. And in doing so, you can save money! These simple projects may include:

  1. Replacing a Showerhead
  2. Replacing a Faucet fixture
  3. Installing or replacing a faucet aerator:
  4. Caulking a tub

We share your love for house projects. However, there are several plumbing projects for which we always strongly advise that you call a professional. These require experience, special tools and expertise in plumbing. Even a small mistake can cause significant and costly damage. Here are some projects that ought to be left to the professional:

  1. Dishwasher Installation: This task seems easy enough, but its challenge lies in the details. Since these are installed in close proximity to cabinets and countertops, the job requires precise fitting. Any mishap or inconsistency will cause leaks that may take weeks to notice, leaving significant damage.
    Pipe-Fitting or Welding: A project dealing with the pipe infrastructure of your home requires the work of a professional. Any mishap here will cause leaks within your walls, resulting in water damage and mold: a costly cleanup and fix. Give the Expert a Call
  2. Serious Drain Blockages: Don’t fall for the fantastic promises of pipe de-clogger products, especially if you have an older home. Some may corrode worn pipes which will quickly lead to pesky leaks. And in the case that something is lodged in your pipes, a professional will be able to remove it safely.
  3. Water Heater Installation: Water heaters, which typically run on natural gas, require a specialized fitting for gas lines. This should strictly be left to an expert as the potential for exhaust with improper installation is quite dangerous.
  4. Water Treatment Installations: To combat certain contaminants in water, homeowners often choose to install water treatment systems. However, it is important to refrain from doing this yourself as it requires tapping into your water system, welding, and precise fittings.

To the DIY enthusiasts out there, we commend your bravery and love for a hands-on project. However, beware of plumbing tasks that are better left to the professional. And when you find yourself in over your head with your piping needs, do not hesitate to call us at Pipe It Right for a job done…well, right!

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