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Tips to Cool Your Tiny Home in the Summer

Overview: Tiny home and summer? Oh, we feel you. Check out these 4 tips that helped us to cool down our homes!

Your tiny home can stay in the cool in the summer, it just takes some adjustments. You drew the dimensions, drafted the plans, and sketched the structure, but you haven’t yet figured out how to keep the temperature meeting your needs? Sure, tiny homes are gaining popularity due to their mobility and cost-effectiveness, but due to their compact nature, tiny homes heat up/cool up quick. Read these four tips to cool your tiny home in the summer.

1)  Insulate Your Home:

Insulation is a practical and reasonable way to maintain ideal temperature in a tiny house. It’s always advisable to insulate your home in building phase to block the heat entering during summer; however, if it skipped your mind, don’t worry much!

There’s always a room to amend your mistake. With so many satisfied customers the professional team of Pipe it Right know their duty. When your home is properly insulated, you’ll have lower energy costs since the insulated walls reduce heat transfer.

2)  Install a Window AC:

Available at many stores, window AC is one of those electronic accessories that you can install without seeking professional help. All you need to install a window AC is: a window, an AC, and your will.

Not only is a window AC cost-effective, it comes in different sizes and features. While such compact AC may obstruct your window view, the good part is that they won’t take up unnecessary space in your house.

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3)  Invest in a Mini Split System: 

One of the most convenient options for tiny homeowners is installing a mini split system. If you’re residing in a city where you experience different climates, a mini split system will be a great investment, as it contains the quality of keeping the house hot and cool. Another cool thing about mini split systems is that they don’t require huge spaces, rather they’re compact and will be easily installed with the help of a professional.

You may find the initial installation costs a bit expensive, but many find the investment worth it. The reason is that they didn’t have to buy heating and cooling systems separately since one unit works marvelously to keep your tiny house at a cozy and comfortable temperature.

4) Use Oscillating Fan:

You  may think that your tiny home requires a powerful AC to keep the house cool, but don’t let this thought fool you every time. Sometimes, all you need is an oscillating fan to whirl around, giving a cool breeze to freshen your home.

Ceiling fans don’t occupy floor space; however, the sizes vary. Don’t forget to read this guide on ceiling fans. One hack we found awesome to share with you is: set your ceiling fan to rotate anticlockwise. This setting throws hotter air towards the ground, spreading cool air in the entire room to create a refreshing chill wind effect.

Summary :

Cooling your tiny home shouldn’t be a complicated job. All it needs is crafting a plan after understanding your needs and investing in it, be it high-quality insulation or an AC unit investment. And if you’re still having trouble cooling your tiny home, feel free to reach out to us for professional services.

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