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Professional Tips to Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter on Your Own

Overview: Facing troubles with air conditioner cooling? Checkout the tips to learn how to clean the air conditioner filter all by yourself.  

One way to reduce your home expenses is to clean your air conditioner’s filter on your own.

The filter in your air conditioner could get pretty nasty over time, with dirt and debris building up. If you’re breathing these in, it could be pretty harmful. Your AC could also work extra hard to blow out cold air with debris in the way.

To avoid the AC increasing your monthly bills and to increase your health, clean the clogged air filter by yourself. Thankfully, cleaning the filter in your air conditioner isn’t too challenging. Many modern units have air filters that you can detach to wash and reuse.

Read our simple tips below to help you successfully clean out your air conditioner’s filter.

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This is the easiest first step: You won’t be able to detach the air filter from the air conditioner if it’s still on/running. Shut the AC unit off for some time to avoid discomfort. Unplug the unit if it doesn’t have a supportive on/off button.


As a DIY practitioner or an unprofessional buddy, it might initially be a little uncomfortable for you to locate the air filter in your unit. That’s when the manual comes in.

We know a lot of people don’t want to read any type of manual, but when it comes to costs savings, we think you shouldn’t skip this step. Go and fetch the manual (it’s OK, we’ll wait).

Even though modern ACs are pretty straightforward and it’s easy to locate air filters in those intake slots for horizontal units, you could also unscrew some screws and take the filter out if the AC has metallic grates.


There are two ways to clean the air conditioner filter — with a vacuum cleaner and rinsing.

 Vacuum Cleaner: 

After you pop the air filter out, carefully place it on the floor. Insert the tube extension on your vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt out. It won’t be a mess if you habitually clean it now and then.

However, clogged material might take a bit more effort and time than usual. The vacuum will help you remove the large particles from the air filter.

 Rinse the Air Filter for Deeper Cleaning: 

If you have vacuumed your filter, but it still has tiny dusty particles in it, get it a good bath. You could also skip the vacuum altogether and give the filter a good rinse. Vinegar is hands down one of the best DIYs for cleaning.

  • Mix one portion of water to an equal portion of vinegar.
  • Pour the mixture into a tub and submerge the filter into the mix for at least an hour (get a homemade facial pack in the meantime). You can also add a detergent or liquid wash bar in the water and let it soak.
  • Once done, grab an extra toothbrush and brush the dirt off.

After cleaning the air filter, let it dry completely by placing it on a surface with natural sunlight. Avoid using clothes to speed up the process, as lint from fabrics could also get caught in the filters unknowingly, resulting in a counterproductive cleaning process.


Air filters play an essential role in helping every air conditioner work and require a regular cleaning process. While the energy-efficient units have washable air filters, some still are disposable. Either way, the best part is that cleaning the filter is a simple job that you can do yourself without the help of a professional.

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