4 Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped

4 Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped

Wondering if your home might be haunted by a ghost that loves to stomp around inside of your walls? Or how long it’s been since you took a shower without getting scalded after turning the faucet a quarter inch to the left? Any well-loved home may have its quirks- maybe even a ghost- but you don’t have to live with these annoyances anymore.

With these symptoms, your house may be due for a repiping.

4 Signs Your Home Needs to be Repiped

Here are our top four telltale signs that your home could use a piping makeover:

The pipes are making noise.

Perhaps, Casper, the friendly ghost has taken residence inside your walls, but more likely, that noise is the product of old pipes! Banging and creaking noises indicate that your current pipes need to be retired.

The water temperature is difficult to adjust.

It is either hard to change or changes unpredictably. If you’ve been surprised by either a hot or cold blast in your morning shower one too many times, it may be time to get your pipes replaced!

You’ve found evidence of rust or corrosion on your pipes.

Look out for flaking, stains, discoloration, and dimpling on your pipes to indicate if they are getting run down.

You’re having trouble with the water pressure.

We wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, the nuisance of losing water pressure before you have washed away soap suds. Do not tolerate this problem any longer and get your house repiped soon!

Say goodbye to the days of shouting over noisy pipes and hello to enjoying your showers once again! If your house is demonstrating these symptoms, do not hesitate to take action with new pipes. Restore your house back to a home and give us a call for your repiping needs.

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