4 Reasons You Might Consider Water Heater Relocation

water heater relocation

Water Heater Relocation

If you are thinking of replacing your water heater, you might want to think through a few options of where is the best place to put it. Where your water heater is located can have some pretty significant implications for our household.

Money Savings on Water

If your water heater is located far from where your hot water is being utilized, you could be wasting money. We’ve all had it where we turn the water on for a hot shower, and you wait until the water has reached its prime temperature. If your hot water is needing to travel a long distance to its final destination, the water can also cool along the way and lead to a more extended waiting period. That water is just going down the drain, and it is wasted. If your water heater is close to the appliances can help with this, but people also believe that the best way to combat this is through a tankless water heater.

Potential Damage Assessment

If your water heater were ever to leak, what would be the damage? Many people have their water heater in the garage, and so they think that the damage would be minimal. But for many people, they use the garage as storage. What could be damaged that could not be replaced or would cost you a significant amount?

More Space Needed

If you are looking to replace your water heater, you will want to make sure that your new water heater will fit in the same area. If your needs have changed and you need a different type of water heater, make sure that it will fit in the same space. Otherwise, you will need to plan on moving your water heater.

Moving Tankless

Another option if you are looking to advance your water heater is to change to a tankless water heater. These can fit in almost any space that you have available. We would recommend doing your homework before making this purchase, however, because there is a high upfront cost for these types of water heaters.

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