3 Sustainable Plumbing Practices

3 Sustainable Plumbing Practices

As a repiping and plumbing company, we have a strong affinity for water. We care about the environment and ensuring that we are using our resources wisely. Which is why we wanted to tell you a little more about sustainability through best practices. We believe that not only will you be ensuring that you are utilizing your water well, you will also see a decrease in your bills when you pay your water bills. Here are a few ways that you can help practice eco-friendly plumbing practices


Low Flow Replacement

One of the best ways to help keep your water usage in check is to replace your appliances or various plumbing pieces with low flow options. This could be your various faucets or shower heads that utilize a more moderate amount of water to be passed through the nozzles or use different spray patterns that still feel like a powerful flow, but in actuality are saving water.

Reusable materials

Certain recycled or reused materials can be used in your plumbing. You may want to consider cast iron or recycled steel pipes. Cast iron pipes rarely freeze and burst during the winter season. We also can recommend plastic piping like high-density polyethylene. It is easy to install and lasts a long time making it a relatively inexpensive and smart investment.

Water Usage

Where the above suggestions are things that a plumbing company can help you install or give you more information about; water usage is in your hands. Turning the sink off while you brush your teeth, using full laundry loads and following a schedule for watering your lawn, are all examples of ways that you can save on water usage.  This is one of the most significant ways that you can save on money; by just paying attention to how you use your water.

What other ways can you help save water in your home? Leave a comment below!

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